Gina 2005

I found this old picture, which I took of an old friend in 2005 if I remember correctly. I still like it, even if it is not perfect. I always wanted to post it but never did. So finally here it is…hip hip hooray!

Bombay and Moko, 2014

Sydney, Australia

The last journey of Sydneys Monorail

Sydney, Australia

Fish Tank

Chinatown, Sydney


Sydney, Australia

Me Myself and I

 A while ago, I tried to shoot application photos of myself without a remote release. Tried, because they all turned out to be pretty shitty. I really wanted to shoot them with an aperture of 1.2 to get a nice shallow depth of field, which is a real hassle considering the back and forth to press the release button. So after 2 hours of trial and error, I looked like the picture above. Utterly frustrated! Well I didn’t manage to get a good application photo but I quite like the outcome for a self-portrait! Looks much deeper then my actual thoughts were at that moment :)

photry asked: I street stuff is amazing!! +followed

Thanks mate! You just made my day! :) Really happy you like my work and I also very much like your work! You know how to capture a great mood!

Dance Dance Dance

Mardi Gras, Sydney

Late Night Tales

Mardi Gras, Sydney

Fruit Salad!

Mardi Gras, Sydney